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Iwade @ The Barn Update

Listed Planning Permission has now been agreed for fitting out the barn with a kitchen and disabled toilet in readiness for it to be used by the community we are now just waiting for building regulations approval before we can go ahead with Barn SOS! Exciting stuff, it may have seemed slow but we are gradually getting there!
In other news you can now donate via paypal ...
Nicola McKenzie 14th July 2016

Iwade @ The Barn Belongs to Iwade!

Iwade @ The Barn is now officially in the trust of the Iwade @ The Barn charity under lease from Swale Borough Council as of 11th December 2015. Iwade @ The Barn is a registered charity with the Charities Commission whose ultimate aim is to benefit Iwade residents. The Barn hopes to be a warm and open venue with coffee, wifi and computers but first it needs to be fitted out and listed planning permission for the fit-out has already been submitted to Swale Borough Council. A big thank you to everyone concerned and if you'd like to volunteer in any way do email and we'll be in touch. Exciting times for the community and a big thank you to everyone involved and to those not involved for your patience in getting to this point. Happy Christmas from the Iwade @ The Barn Trustees Graeme Horner, James Hunt, Nicola McKenzie, Les Mitchell, Louise Wade and Gemma Stokes, we hope to give you more news in the New Year!
Nicola McKenzie 21st December 2015

Iwade @ The Barn Open Day A Great Success

The Barn Open Day all came together in the last few days leading up to it with the electricity being sorted (a consumer unit if you want to get technical) the day before by Iwade's Dave Preston (how else we would make tea?!), Morrisons donating all the refreshments and baking ingredients (a massive thank you to Morrisons on Sheppey and Iwade's Kay Gorton for this), a Barn Clean Up by the trustees, an Ideas Board by Graeme Horner (and some egg sandwiches is there no end to this man's talents?!) and some last minute baking by Sandra Wilkinson, Emma McKenzie and Emily Cork, we were good to go but would people come?

Well the answer is yes! The first time the Barn had been opened to residents to show off its potential as a community hub, it was abuzz (not sure if that is a real word) with people chatting about its potential, its history (which was so interesting) and bouncing around ideas for the barn.

The Ideas Board by Graeme was brilliant and well written on by visitors(which was the idea) and gave us some great feedback on how people think they would use the Barn.

Here's some photos we took on the day so you can see for yourselves. If you'd like to volunteer to get the barn set up (kitchen, toilet, decorating etc.) or you'd like to be involved in the running of the barn then do get in touch at, we'd love to hear from you!

It was amazing to see people so animated about the Barn.
A big thank you to Sandra Wilkinson for volunteering to serve the teas and for baking not just one thing but four or five different things! And to Morrisons Sheppey and Kay Gorton for providing all the ingredients and tea, coffee, sugar, squash, water, biscuits etc. etc.!
PCSO Matt Link and PCSO and resident John Cork think the Barn
would be a great place for the PCSO Surgery
Graeme Horner, PCSO and resident John Cork and Sandra Wilkinson
in tea corner
Brothers and sons of shepherd Ron Hayward (pictured in the Barn
on the board behind on the old photo alongside Dave Higgins and Harry Mercer) namely eldest son John Hayward and youngest son Harry Hayward unfortunately their middle sister was unable to make it.
A big thank you to trustee Graeme Horner for creating the Ideas Board
to make the Barn Open Day more interactive and get feedback from visitors
Trustees of the Iwade @ The Barn charity pictured, left to right
Nicola McKenzie, Les Mitchell, Louise Wade, James Hunt and Graeme Horner
Trustee James Hunt tries to get an aerial view
Nicola McKenzie 13th October 2015

Iwade @ The Barn Open Day Saturday 10th October 2015 3-5pm

After many months of waiting for works which needed to be completed to the exterior, and on some paperwork for the trust to be finalised, the Iwade Barn will soon be under the ownership of the Iwade@TheBarn Trust. The trustees are myself, Nicola McKenzie, Graeme Horner, Les Mitchell and Louise Wade with Gemma Stokes as secretary: we are now a registered charity.

The Barn is going to be handed over to Swale Borough Council and subsequently to the trust on the same day, all leases are agreed and ready to go – hopefully all will be completed by the time you read this. Due to works needed to the interior of the barn, such as WC and kitchen area, we have needed to apply for listed building consent and hope this won’t delay things too much longer and that the barn will be in some sort of use in the near future.

It’s nearly that time where we need YOUR help! The trust have had a lot of help so far in getting to this point, but we’ll soon need the help of village trades people to get the remaining work done and get the hall opened as soon as possible. We’ve already had some residents offering their services, but the more we have the better! There are some services that we really need advice on such as flooring companies, carpenters, builders, etc.

On Saturday the 10th October between 3pm and 5pm we will be having an open day at The Barn so residents can come along to see inside; tradesmen/women in the village can have a look at the plans to see the work that needs to be done and whether they can help in any way, and also for everyone to meet the trustees. We also need your ideas on the future running of The Barn and what use you would like to see from it.

This is an exciting project for the village, it is YOUR barn so please come along and support in any way you can. There will be tea and coffee and maybe even cake! Hopefully we’ll see you on the 10th October but if you can’t get along and would like to offer your help in any way just email or call me on 07788101228.

James Hunt 22nd September 2015

Iwade @ The Barn Ready For Handover!

Iwade @ The Barn Trustee Les Mitchell signs the constitution @ the barn back in July 2014.
So this moment has been a long time coming, the moment where Ward Homes complete the required work on the barn and Swale Borough Council say they're happy with it but it has finally come. Fantastic news for the Iwade @ The Barn charitable trust and Iwade residents in whose interests the charity will be run. Swale Borough Council are ready with the lease document, so it should be a matter of weeks before the Iwade @ The Barn charitable trustees are official leasees of the barn and work can begin on the interior! An exciting milestone for the barn, watch this space!
Nicola McKenzie 27th January 2015

Iwade @ The Barn Latest

Sorry there haven’t been many updates on here but there has been progress with the project and things are getting exciting.
The Iwade@TheBarn Trust has now been set up and consists of the chairman Graeme Horner, Treasurer Louise Wade and Les Mitchell, Nicola McKenzie and myself.
The process of getting the building transferred to us is taking longer than we had hoped but this is just the process and not anyone’s fault in particular. Swale Council and Ward Homes have been working hard on getting everything ready and things are now in place ready for the transfer. There is still some work to be done by Ward Homes on the outside of the building where some of the elm has shrunk and this will hopefully be done in October.
Ward Homes have allowed the trust access to the barn and we are currently working on getting water and electricity installed so it’s ready to start work.
The parish council have given us a grant of £2500 and more money has been given by local councillors so we can get ourselves set up.

All in all things are going well and we should take ownership soon.

James Hunt 22nd September 2014

Iwade @ The Barn Trustees selfie in the barn on 16th July 2014 after signing the trust constitution.


It is safe to say that all involved in getting Iwade@TheBarn up and running are keen to move the project forward including Swale Borough Council and the Iwade@TheBarn Steering Group. A very positive meeting was had at Swale Borough Council on 21st November, the steering group met again on Monday 2nd December and another meeting with Swale is in the diary for Wednesday 11th December. Do you have practical skills and would like to be involved in Barn SOS (see what I did there?!). Email, we'd love to hear from you.
Nicola McKenzie Wednesday 4th December 2013

Iwade@TheBarn Project

Meeting with councillors to recky the barn September 2013
Way back when, the barn that you may have seen on the Sheppey side of All Saints Church Iwade became listed and Wards subsequently rebuilt the barn with a beautiful oak frame as part of the All Saints Close development. Iwade Parish Council would like to take over the barn from Swale Borough Council to provide a cosy and open community venue that could be used for anything from a community café to a venue for knitting club or pilates depending on the day of the week, run by the community for the community. The deed is not yet done but the Parish Council have set up an informal group to make it so. We have set up this blog to get you excited about the barn and keep you updated on progress of this very exciting community project. Iwade@TheBarn - what do you think?!
Nicola McKenzie Thursday 14th November 2013 14:55