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A new provider will run Iwade Surgery in the next 9 months
Currently Kent Community Health NHS Trust provides services from Iwade Surgery. Notice has been served on this contract and over the next 9 months will be handed over to a new provider. To help with any questions you may have please click on 'read more' to read the FAQ courtesy of Iwade Health Centre.

Questions and Answers
Does this mean that the surgery will be closing?
No. The surgery will stay open and we don’t think that you will notice any difference. It will be the same team working there currently.
Does this mean the current doctors and staff will be leaving?
Staff who are employed by Kent Community Health Trust will transfer to the new employers, so you will see most of the same faces.
Some staff are currently working under a temporary contract (like a locum GP) and therefore are unlikely to continue to work at the current practice.
Will the opening hours change?
The hours of opening should stay the same, but that will be dependant on what is agreed by the Primary Care Trust with the new provider.

Who will be taking over the service?
We don’t know who the new provider will be, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) are undertaking a formal procurement process which we are not involved in.
Will we be consulted before a new provider is appointed?
Ensuring patient views are heard is very important. A team from the PCT will visit each of the practices to talk to patients and patient groups before potential bidders are invited to tender for the contract.
After the closing date, bids will be assessed by a panel of experts. One of those panel members will be a specially selected patient representative.
Will I be able to receive my usual medication?
Yes. Services will continue to operate as normal and you should not see any difference.
I am currently being looked after in the hospital will this continue?
Yes. Your care will continue as before with the hospital and your doctor working together.
I have been referred to the hospital but do not have an appointment yet. Will this still be processed by the hospital?
Yes. None of this affects the way hospital appointments are arranged.

Will my records be passed onto the new doctors?
Your records are held here at the surgery and they will continue to be held here as long as you are a patient at this practice.
When will the changes take place?
The new arrangements should be in place by the end of the year. You should see very few changes as the same services will be provided by many of the same people.
Can I register with another surgery?
Yes. If you want to register with another surgery, visit the GP practice you want to join and ask to register as a patient with them.
Do I need to tell you I want to change?
You don’t need to tell your current GP that you’re changing to a different practice or why you want to leave. However, if you do, it may speed up the time it takes for your medical notes to be transferred to the new surgery.
Why can't we just hand the practice over to the current doctors?
The PCT can only award a contract without competition when there is only one capable provider. In this case there are a number of potential providers who could take on the service, including local GP practices, the out-of-hours service, and providers from outside the area.
How will the PCT choose who will run the practice?
The PCT will define a service specification and a set of criteria against which to assess proposals from potential providers. The criteria will cover a wide range of areas, such as how the provider ensures safety of patients, engages with patients, manages its workforce, operates its premises, as well as whether it has the means to function as a viable service business. Proposals from providers will be assessed by a panel of experts, which will include representation from patients.
Why does it take so long to sort out?
The selection process needs to allow potential providers a fair and reasonable the time to understand the requirements, work out what it needs to do, define how it will operate, and to set all that out in a document which can be assessed by the panel of experts. Then the experts need time to read all the material and form their view as to which is the most suitable provider. Finally, the experts view goes to the PCT's Board for review and approval.

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