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A group of residents from Sanderling Way are questioning the fees the Sanderling Way area residents in Ward homes pay to OM Property Management, the majority of which would appear to be spent on administration. Click on more to read what the residents have to say.

"As residents of Sanderling Way we have been asking questions with regard to the management fee that we are annually paying OM Property Management for "services" around the development. We've been asking the same questions since July of last year, and have had half hearted and sometimes, conflicting responses. We have finally ascertained that our contributions’ to schedule 1 are used to maintain both the soak away pond situated behind the houses on Sanderling Way, and a patch of grass in Mallard Crescent approx 2metres by 4 metres. According to OM, and their supply of the map to ourselves of the development (in which we asked them to highlight areas under their remit), this is all that is covered by Schedule 1 contributions. We were quite surprised that this was the entirety of their responsibility to Schedule 1 properties.

The coming years payment June 2011 – May 2012; equates to £120.81 per house (showing around a £20 increase from previous years)— that adds up to £17034.21 for the 141 houses in Schedule 1. According to the projected accounts recently published, £14995 is to be spent on Insurance, Accountancy/Audit Fees and Management Fees. Leaving just £2039.21 to be spent on maintaining the said areas that’s just £14.46 per household! The coming years accounts also fail to list the soak away pond as a unique area.

We would appreciate your views on the management company, and if enough interest is measured, then we would be seeking to start a residents committee to ensure we receive value and service for money.

Please email us on with your comments and any suggestions so that we can gauge the general feelings about this subject and whether there is cause to organise a village hall meeting to further advance this issue."

Click here to see the flyer that has been delivered to affected residents...

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