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Resident Janet Gregory is asking for you to play your part in fighting the move to develop more houses in Iwade over the next 15 years. Click more to read what she has to say.

"Swale Council’s plan for the next 15 years or so includes around 15,000 extra homes. Iwade, along with other villages, is in the frame for these. I kid you not, the momentum is building; land owners are ready to sell, builders are ready to build, developers have drawn up plans and contractors along with suppliers are preparing their vans and trucks.

Far from being a deterrent, the massive building programme in our Village over the past 10 years is actually an attraction to the above-mentioned parties, because their working systems are already nicely in place. It surely would be hugely inconvenient for them all to be forced to operate in an undeveloped part of the country.

Your Parish Council has taken the initiative of inviting other Parish Councils to join forces and present a united front against wholesale housing developments in selected rural areas. The first group meeting was ably chaired by Cllr Stephen Plumb on 25th July and not only were we encouraged by many councillors from affected villages, but have enlisted the full support and representation of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England.

It is not just our village school or narrow roads that are threatened by massive expansion, but Swale Council’s focus on excessive building around Sittingbourne and on Sheppey means that our railway, buses and all main roads will be swamped as there are no plans for improving the A249 / M2 Junction 5.

Please don’t ignore this Swale Council Plan by assuming your Parish, Borough or County Councillors will act in your best interests, but play your part by taking the time to read about it, attend meetings, ask questions and get involved. If we do not do this, the only winners are those in my first paragraph above whose bank managers are rubbing their hands in glee."

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