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A pub is at the heart of every community. Or it should be!
Mark and Liz Burgess at the Woolpack are making lots of great changes to your friendly local that will make the Woolpack even better than it is is already!

A new menu is being introduced at the end of August with the restaurant opening every day. You can also eat in the bar. I've had a sneak preview and it looks great with a whole set of meals included in a 2 for £10 offer.

There'll also be a new wine list with bottles of wine starting from £7.49.

They're planning a Wednesday night Curry Night from 5pm to 9pm with curries at £3.49. A bargain.

And the Woolpack is getting a makeover inside with a new coat of paint (dark red and cream) and new curtains with new furniture in the restaurant.

They're also commissioning a new website so watch this space for more on that.

Meanwhile if you're interested in what's on at the Woolpack you can visit their Places | Woolpack page on or you can use the What's On Calendar (list view) keeping an eye out for the Woolpack image on the left-hand side.

Of note Sunday 28th August sees the Woolpack Summer Festival from 4pm. More details in the What's On Calendar (list-view).