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Swale Borough Council will be announcing their 20 year Local Plan in a few months, and as a result Iwade and other rural areas may spread out over surrounding fields. Swale R.A.H.M. (Residents Against Housing Madness) have formed, made up of Parish Councils, residents and Campaign for Protection of Rural England to endeavour to get the best outcome for rural areas in Swale.

Swale R.A.H.M. aims to highlight the effects of a wrong planning choice, as well as motivating residents to get involved in the decision making process, and to formulate an option which is both acceptable to residents and will stimulate growth and local economy.

Listen to what Swale R.A.H.M. have to say:

"Your Last Chance to Save our Towns and Villages!!!"

Swale Borough Council is currently deciding a Housing Strategy for the next20 years. They meet in December to make their final recommendation and arelikely to decide on a figure in excess of 13,000 new houses acrossSittingbourne and Sheppey.

This is almost one new house for every 3 existing houses in Sittingbourneand Sheppey! We think this is madness!

The Council admits this will mean the loss of swathes of Greenfield land –which will lead to urban sprawl across the entire area.

It will mean even more traffic on our already congested roads.The A2 the A249 and the Stockbury Roundabout are already overloaded.This will simply cause gridlock!

The levels of air pollution, already exceeding recommended levels in several hot spotssuch as Newington and Ospringe, will deteriorate even further."

And Swale have failed to provide the infrastructure needed for the last decade ofhousing chaos. We cannot cope with any more! We are short of schools,medical facilities, and public services. There are already concerns aboutenergy supplies and water provision in the borough.

Swale Borough Council talk about Regeneration –it is looking more like a Degeneration!They claim to have a Masterplan – it looks more like a Disasterplan!"

You can visit the Swale R.A.H.M. website at and if you would like to help the group campaign against these proposals,please get in touch with them at:
Swale RAHM, c/o Iwade Parish Council P.O. Box 588 Sittingbourne ME10 9ET,
by email at
or by telephone to Cllr Mike Baldock on 01795 471139

Swale R.A.H.M. Say No to Swale's Housing Madness

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