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Note the picture quality is reduced to speed up the download online...
Is it a) iguana b) Iwade c) igloo ... ?! Find out in your December Iwade Observer now online before it's even hit the printing press! Thanks go to Gemma Coleman this month our new Editor, to Sarah Smith Photography for the front cover image and to all the contributors.

Next week we'll be thanking Val Pugh our Distribution Manager who when the print is done, sorts it all into delivery rounds and makes sure the delivery team have it ready to deliver to your door (assuming you live in Iwade that is!).

We'll then be thanking the team of deliverers who deliver in all weathers so that all the family can read their Iwade Observer and find out the latest news and views.

Enjoy this one as the Observer team will be taking a well-deserved break over Christmas ready for your next issue in February 2012.

Happy Reading!

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