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A Winter message from Cllr Mike Whiting
Our Iwade representative on Kent County Council, Mike Whiting would like to pass on a message about salt, grit, Icelandic banks, the bus shelter and finger posts! Click on more to read Mike's message to Iwade residents...

"Mike Whiting, County Ccouncillor for Iwade, is happy that there seems to be an end in sight for the long-awaited new bus shelter and finger post signs. Mike said, "It's been the longest-running soap opera in the village, with delay after delay, but I am confident they will appear soon."

Mike has offered to pay for 100 bags of salt and grit from his highways grant for the village to use this winter.

He said, "Hopefully, the Parish Council will find a way to store and distribute the 25kg bags, helping to ensure the pavements in the village remain safe if snow and ice come this winter."

The Parish Council has often asked Mike about the £50m that KCC invested in Icelandic banks.

Mike said, "I am really pleased that KCC will be getting all of the money back, and with interest we may even see a small profit for the ratepayers of Kent.

"I wish everyone a very Merry and safe Christmas, and a Happy New Year."

Thanks Mike for all your efforts on Iwade's behalf.