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Plotholders digging in!
Iwade Allotments are in the January issue of Grow your Own and have received an extremely useful donation of compost from local company Countrystyle so thank you very much on behalf of Iwade Allotment Association.

Countrystyle compost gives Iwade allotments a welcome boost
Plot holders at Iwade Allotments Association welcomed in some large deliveries of Countrystyle compost last month, donated by the company to give the clay-rich soil a fertility boost. Countrystyle operate a large-scale compost processing facility at Ridham Dock near Iwade, using advanced technology to turn thousands of tons of Medway’s food and green waste into a nutritional, peat-free soil improver.

Donna Trower of Iwade Allotment Association described the birth of the project: “After years of trying to find a suitable local site for the allotments, in April we were given the offer to rent a field by local farmer Mr Ledger. In July we started planting and had water connected to the field. Now there are 52 plots on the site, of which all are taken, leaving a 4-year waiting list. The allotment holders are from all generations around this rapidly expanding village”. Contracts for the allotments have now been drawn up between Kent County Council, Mr. Ledger and the Allotment Association.

Andy Sibley, Head of Organics at Countrystyle commented: “We are pleased that our neighbours in Iwade have finally been able to get the allotments underway and we were delighted to be able to show our support by donating the compost. The soil is not easy to work with and this is a quick way to greatly improve the conditions. We will look forward to seeing the results in the coming year”.

Donna also explained that Iwade has just achieved 2nd Place in the Environment Category of the Kent Village of the Year Awards, due to the allotments, which is a great achievement considering the short time they have been in place.

Regarding future developments, Donna adds: “We are waiting to hear if we have been successful in getting funding for trees and hedging to go all the way around the site, to help with wind protection. This would also allow Tinkerbells nursery to establish a bug palace, to aid with their learning and understanding of the environment. Any help with donations or funding is always very gratefully accepted as there is still a long way to go”.

Press Release courtesy of Countrystyle

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