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According to KCC Councillor Mike Whiting Iwade pupils have been offered one of their secondary school choices however this may not have been their first choice and parents may want to appeal. They need to do so by 19th March. Click on more for more key dates in the appeal process and stats on who got into where...

Parents are asked to lodge an appeal (if relevant) by 19th March 2012 (if the parent wishes the appeal to be held within the normal admissions round).

Parents should put their child’s name on the waiting list (if relevant) by 19th March.

Parents should let the secondary school their child has been offered know by 22nd March 2012 if they are not accepting the school place their child has been offered.

After 10th April 2012, parents can apply for a place at any school that they did not name on their original application.

Iwade county councillor, Mike Whiting, said, "if parents are not happy with the school allocated to their child, then I would urge them to lodge an appeal and get on a waiting list as soon as possible. "

If you're interested in the stats Mike understands that 26 children have been offered Westlands, 8 Borden, 7 Highsted, 2 Fulston Manor, 2 SCC and 1 for Rainham Girls Grammar. Interesting!