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A great result for Iwade, the Parish Council and RAHM
Thank you to our Parish Chairman Stephen Plumb for giving us the latest on the potential housing developments in Iwade. Click on more to find out what he has to say. It's all good!

"Swale Borough Council (SBC) has been working on producing a 20 year plan, known as the Core Strategy (Local Development Framework), for the borough which is looking at where new housing, industry and roads will be built.

At the early stages of the consultation SBC were offering 4 options, 3 of which earmarked Iwade for further housing development. This was featured in an article entitled ‘’More Houses?’’ in the March 2011 edition of the Iwade Observer. The Iwade Parish Council, along with other neighbouring Parish Councils and the purposely formed Swale RAHM (featured in the October 2011 Iwade Observer), used the public consultation process to voice objection to the proposals.

SBC have now announced the Core Strategy and the result for Iwade is that there will be no more new housing development above that which has already been granted permission, i.e. Hillreed’s’ Coleshall Development, Ward’s Kingsferry Place and possibly two small brownfield sites in the village.

It is good to know that the voice of local residents, the Parish Councils and RAHM were listened to by SBC, and thank you to all of you who made your concerns known."

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