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Joshua Killick is a boy of many talents!
Joshua Killick of Stangate Drive, Iwade – better known to locals as Igor in the Halloween Frankenstein production – recently retained his position as London and South East England Olympic Weight Lifting Champion.

Joshua started weight lifting at the age of 8, since when he has won the London and South East England Championship three times and the British Championship twice.

At the November competition Joshua lifted 36 kilo’s in the clean and jerk and 26 kilo’s in the snatch. Josh. was also highly commended for his technique – managing all three lifts in each discipline without a fault.

Josh. trains twice a week with Paul Schafner who runs the Foundations Olympic Weight Lifting Club in Sittingbourne.

In addition to his weight lifting, Joshua also plays football regularly with the Iwade Herons and is currently rehearsing his part in his school’s production of Dick Whittington

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