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Please contact Alice Gentry if you have seen this cat or are maybe feeding it?
Contact Alice Gentry if you have seen Bella, Alice's missing cat, at, at 17 Swallow Avenue or on 01795 439031 or 07544 258 497. Click on more to find out more about Bella. Alice is desperate to get Bella back so even if you are feeding Bella and have become attached please get in contact with Alice. Thank you!

"Bella went missing from our back garden on Wednesday 15th May at approximately 8.30pm.

I fear that she is either being fed and looked after by someone who believes she is a stray cat and isn't actually aware that she belongs to someone and is missing or that she might be trapped in someones shed or garage. Bella has potentially been sighted a few times within the first couple of weeks that she has been missing but sadly she hasn't been sighted since (so within the last week and half).

Bella is a very affectionate girl but because she is still so young and this is the first time that she has been out properly without someone watching her to then bring her back in again it wouldn't surprise me if she is now a very timid and scared little girl.

I have notified all local vets within Sittingbourne and Sheppey, the RSPCA and Cats Protection are also aware. Bella is insured through Pet Plan and they are also aware she is missing. There is a cash reward on her finding and returning home.

Our address is 17 Swallow Avenue."

Alice can also be contacted by email at

Good luck with finding Bella Alice, we hope this helps.

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