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We thought it was time to update everyone about the progress at Iwade Health Centre. As you might well be aware, we have been awarded the contract to provide GP services at the centre and took over in the middle of last June. We would like to thank everyone for their patience so far and must acknowledge that it has taken a little longer than expected. You may be aware that there are some historical issues at the centre and these had to be sorted first. The contract was awarded under a tight budget allowing for 2 GPs and 1 Advanced Nurse Practitioner alongside other nursing and a full compliment of administrative staff.

Upon contract commencement we had to embark on a restructuring process which has only just now come to an end. The result of this is a complete new start in terms of GPs. Drs Kukla, Izmeth and Pragasam have or will be shortly leaving the practice. We would like to thank them for what they have done at the practice but now look forward to welcoming a new GP team.

We have appointed a very capable and enthusiastic new GP, Dr Oochit, and are very close to signing another GP the details of which we will announce at a later date. Donna, the ANP, has already been in post for some time and is doing a great job.

The new GPs have to work their notice periods with their current employers but we are confident that Iwade Surgery will have a complete, permanently employed and dedicated clinical team from April.

We recognise it has been a tough and challenging period for patients and staff alike. To assist during the transitional period we are arranging for extra GP input over and above what was budgeted. This should allow greater GP availability until the permanent team is in place.

We are sure that Iwade Surgery has huge potential and want to make certain that the people of Iwade and surrounding areas finally have a surgery they can be proud of.

We will continue to work closely with the Patient Participation Group and the Parish Council, as well as NHS England, to ensure its success.

Yours sincerely

Dr T Reichhelm Managing Director would like to thank Dr Reichhelm of Malling Health who provide GP Services at Iwade Health Centre for this helpful update. If you have feedback regarding Iwade Health Centre you would like us to pass on to Dr Reichhelm why not email All feedback will be passed on to both the Patient Participation Group, Dr Reichhelm and to the Practice Manager :-)

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