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Thank you to Dr Thomas Reichhelm, Managing Director of Malling Health who run Iwade Health Centre, for the latest update on Iwade Health Centre. Click on more to read what Dr Reichhelm has to say.

"We are proud to announce that we have managed to attract Dr Neil Poplett, a longstanding GP partner in Charing, to take the position of lead GP. Neil is a local lad, born in Sittingbourne and both his parents were very active as local councillors. He has many years of experience as a GP and leader and has many exciting ideas he wants to bring to Iwade. Being a partner in his current practice, he will not be able to start fully until October but we felt it was well worth waiting for him. He will use some of his spare time in the interim to help us lay the foundations for what could really become a high quality practice the local residents deserve."

Good news for the Iwade Health Centre. I'm sure residents will join with me in welcoming Dr Poplett to the surgery.