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Are you the sort of person who could encourage others to get together to create art, film, music, craft, dance, literature, photography or any other artistic activity in the village? If so then you should know about ‘Creative Art and Places: Swale and Medway’. Their task is to help, advise and encourage the creation, performance or exhibition of the most imaginative arts ideas in order to engage the community in these activities. Where appropriate they have seed funding from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds with which to start projects involving the young or the elderly or the disadvantaged and all those in between. More importantly they offer help and support to get such projects off the ground. Click on more to read just that ...

Sam Trotman came to the last Parish council meeting on 9th October to explain that her research for Creative People and Places was aiming to learn what was needed, who might serve as a catalyst, and to identify where and how such schemes could be most valuable. They aim to increase arts participation for everyone in Swale and Medway, by supporting the growth of creativity, invention and imagination.

Their long term purpose is to work with local communities, making links between organisations and people to facilitate participation in the arts . Creative Art and Places is a part of the Arts Council of England programme.

They offer different levels of funding opportunities:-

Small Experiment. Turning an idea into a small project involving local residents. What’s the catch? You must be very clear about what you want to test and why. They want to know your big vision but they’re focussed on your first step towards realising it. (up to £2000)

Community Catalyst. To find local people to help turn projects into successes. Why? To discover and support local “catalysts” and community “doers”, inspiring them to connect a broader range of people in community activities. (up to £5000)

Out of the Ordinary. To encourage out of the ordinary arts and non-arts collaborations, with an aim to enable anyone and everyone to encounter exceptional arts experiences.

Do you have an idea that matches or complements any of the suggestions above, that involves the community and would have a lasting effect on Iwade?

If so then why not contact them at: or phone 07713 865955 . They have no barriers. Amateur or professional, large or small organisation, whatever the idea may be, they do demand quality but they are adaptable and flexible. Give them a try.

Thanks go to Graeme Horner for this article. Come on Iwade, out your inner creative, don't be shy give Sam Trotman a call on 07713 865955 or email at - you've got nothing to lose!

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