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IV have been in discussion with Openreach in recent months regarding broadband capacity issues in Iwade. We now have the latest information direct from Openreach. Openreach has confirmed that they are planning to install a second cabinet for cabinet PCP28, situated next to Heaven, which is at full capacity and that this should be in service by February/March 2015 all being well. PCP28 serves a large proportion of Iwade compared to the other three cabinets which still have available connections. Click on more to find out how this might affect you with more detail.

What this means is that if you do not have superfast broadband and you are a property which is served by cabinet PCP28 you are unlikely to be able to sign up to superfast broadband currently through any provider, whilst you may be able to go on a waiting list. With an additional cabinet in February/March 2015 there will be new capacity for superfast connections. Check out the map and those areas that are flagged by white markers are served by PCP28. Watch this space for more information next year as it becomes available.