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So it's the General Election this Thursday 8th June 2017 where you can vote at Iwade Village Hall. We have asked all candidates for a paragraph and a picture so you can read what they have to say before you visit. Click on more... to read all about them in alphabetical order of surname.

Mike Baldock (Independent) - I am standing to highlight the devastating implications of Swale’s Housing Plan and to seek Government intervention to challenge it. The amount of housing planned is far beyond what our local infrastructure can cope with, and will damage economic investment in our area. Our roads are congested, we are short of Doctors, and our schools are struggling to cope, with pupils travelling miles to get a place. We have had 1000s of houses locally, but few of them are affordable by local people and there is no provision for elderly and disabled housing. We need a lower housing target, aimed at meeting local need - not pandering to developer greed. We need the infrastructure to cope with existing housing levels before we build so many new ones. If elected I will demand the Government call-in the Local Plan and re-evaluate it. I will challenge the lack of road investment and call for an increase in GP wages in the area so we can get adequate Doctors. I will fight Planning Laws that favour developers and sideline local residents. I will argue for VAT exemptions to make brownfield sites more attractive, and bring existing buildings back into residential use. If you are fed up of traffic jams, of not being able to see a Doctor, that your children and grandchildren can’t find a house they can afford locally or if you think we should protect our green fields - vote for me.

Gordon Henderson (The Conservative Party) - I have represented our community for the past thirty years; as a Swale Borough Councillor, a Kent County Councillor and, for the last seven years, as Member of Parliament. During that time I have always tried to put the interests of the community before those of my political party, for instance, as MP I voted against the Government on 44 separate occasions. Indeed, my focus as MP was to raise in Parliament important local issues. I held important debates on a range of subjects including: Safety on the Sheppey Crossing; violence in prisons; ASW pensions; roads infrastructure in our area; rural crime; health provision; renewable energy; the closure of Thamesteel; traveller sites; and, most recently, unsustainable housing in Kent. I feel that I have achieved many things for our community, but there is still much more I want to do. So, vote for me and I promise to continue doing my best for Sittingbourne and Sheppey.

Mark Lindop (The Green Party) - awaiting response

Lee McCall (Independent) - Why should you vote for me? Well that's simple, As an independent I won't have a Party whip to tell me to vote the way the party wants. As far as I'm concerned you the community will be my employers and my driving force. There's a huge amount of work to do in largely neglected parts of our constituency, where its recognised as having some of the most deprived areas of the country. Is it acceptable that it gets worse, not better? No it isn't! Sitting up in Westminster doesn't involve rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in locally and working with people to enable delivery of their aspirations. Which is exactly what I want to do. I want to be local, available and accessible to those I work with and for. I'm not a career politician and giving speeches is not my domain, but I am a businessman and finding solutions to problems, coordinating action plans and getting results is my background. This is a wonderful place to live, having lived in the constituency for 30+ years, we need someone in Westminster fighting to protect it and who will push to improve the services that we rely on. All of the above I hope underlines the passion, commitment and determination I have for the job. In order to deliver it I am asking you to vote for me on June 8th.

Keith Nevols (Liberal Democrats) - awaiting response

Mike Rolfe (Labour) - Why you should vote Mike Rolfe June 8th. I am open, honest and hardworking.  I will do everything to ensure that we see real change within this constituency on the issues that matter most.  I have a proven track record of getting things done whilst leading the Trade Union for Prison Staff.  Elect me and I will ensure all the energy, enthusiasm and strength that I have will be used to better the lives of people in this constituency and beyond. Given the recent terrorist atrocities I assure you that I take our safety extremely seriously and I would not shirk difficult decisions, people must go about their everyday lives without fear.  I will ensure we deliver on Brexit, leaving Europe, ending free movement but not using nonsensical rhetoric such as 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit but by supporting a deal that protects both our economy and control of our own destiny. Finally a vote for Mike Rolfe Labour is a vote for someone who will listen and learn from his constituents, someone who will engage all members of the community and ensure voices are heard.  On this note I will gladly work with other candidates once elected to ensure the people they represent are not forgotten. If you want to know more please free to google me "Mike Rolfe", add or message me on Facebook and twitter or by emailing me directly

Mad Mike Young (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party) - I am not on the loony left and I am not on the raving right, I am right round the bend and I will; Introduce a 30 day cooling off period after an election so you can take your vote back. Make all crime illegal. Complicate the UK tax system so it will be too hard for corporations to find loopholes. Declare the Dodo and Unicorn protected species. Legalise Broccoli immediately. Introduce a St. Pancake Day bank holiday. Give the vote to five year olds providing they can hold a crayon because Youth are the future of tomorrow. Free university tuition will be available to all students named Grant. I will lead the UK away from Europe and into the West Indies. The Caribbean Sea is a lot warmer than the North Sea. Imagine year-round cricket, sugar cane plantations in Sittingbourne producing local rum and banana groves lining the Sheppey cliffs. Finally, if you don't usually vote, then vote unusually. It's never too soony to vote for a Loony.

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