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Woodpecker Park and Playground

Woodpecker Park and Playground

Park and Pond

Woodpecker Park boasts a plum orchard where children can play on the grass, a pond (do take care with the children around the water, note there is a life buoy God forbid that it is required) and is a beautiful green area.


The Woodpecker playground itself is well equipped with a good range of play equipment and much-needed benches for the spectators! There are gates that stop dogs entering but note that children can push the gates open so do keep an eye on your little ones. It is well located close to the Iwade Village Centre and Costcutter for ice creams, snacks or drinks.

School Lane Recreation Ground

At the top of School Lane you will find the recreation ground which has a football pitch, parking for footballers, a basketball hoop and a small play area with a see-saw, swings, a slide and a roundabout.

Mansfield Drive Playground

The Orchard Edge development has two playgrounds, one of which is the Mansfield Drive playground at the bottom of the development close to the stream. Complete with swings for both babies and older children, a slide and climbing frame, a motorbike and hopscotch and benches for spectators (while you can get away with it!).

Alefe Way Playground

Alefe Way, also on Orchard Edge is host to a small playground for the younger ones with swings and a motorbike.

Stangate Drive Playground

Stangate Drive is a more modern take on a playground with slightly different equipment to the others in the village. Why not try it and see!


Contact our Community Warden, our PCSO or the Council if you have issues concerning the parks in Iwade. Use your judgement as to who's best placed to respond!