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Superfast Fibre-Optic Broadband

Iwade is proud to be able to offer all residents the option of subscribing to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband or fibre-optic broadband as a result of the Iwade Broadband project. The project was funded by KCC, managed by the community in the form of the Iwade Broadband Committee, implemented by Openreach and backed by the Parish Council.

At the time of writing, the key player offering superfast broadband is BT offering BT Infinity however it is hoped that other big players will shortly come on board in the village and also offer the service. Naming no names!

Cable and Wireless

Limited parts of the village also have access to cable broadband through Virgin Media and wireless broadband through VFast, a wireless Internet Service Provider who service Iwade via a transmitter at Ridham Dock.

Broadband Blog

8th July 2014 - Cabinet 28 Full!

Iwade Broadband cabinet 28 is now full to capacity with 288 connections! Openreach have been on the phone today to and are now going away to look into the process of implementing a further cabinet, no mean feat by all accounts. Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.

1st March 2011 - Final cabinet live!

According to the BT website the final cabinet for the Chetney View area is live with superfast broadband. There may be other providers out there so do your research and go superfast!

27th January 2011 - New provider Fleet Telecom

Local company Fleet Telecom now providing superfast broadband in Iwade.

19th October 2010 - Cabinet PCP78 now live

According to Steve Harris on the Broadband Committee cabinet PCP78 (the cabinet on School Lane opposite the Village Centre) is now live so properties served by this cabinet can sign up for BT Infinity if they choose to.

13th October 2010 - Claim procedure now in place

To claim back a one-off installation or activation fee (if you had one) for fibre broadband post an original invoice, a current council tax bill and a stamped address envelope to the Iwade Parish Council at P.O. Box 588 | Sittingbourne | Kent | ME10 9ET. 15000 is the fund for claims so whilst the funds are not endless they will last a while. Note that the Parish Council meets every second Wednesday of the month. Claims received a week or more before a meeting will be processed at the following meeting.

6th October 2010 - Talk Talk Announce Superfast Broadband

Talk Talk

According to Talk Talk have announced they will be offering a superfast broadband package. They have not as yet announced a date.

October 2010 - First Install in Sittingbourne

According to the engineers that did Rob Ware-Lane's install in Ferry Road Iwade, he was the first Fibre to the Cabinet broadband installation they had done in Sittingbourne. Unfortunately no prizes for being first and the engineer did crash the BT Test Centre but on the plus side Rob says the service is excellent and the engineer managed to get a full 40meg!

Friday 17th September 2010 - Two cabinets are live!

Cabinets PCP28 and PCP73 are now live for superfast(FTTC) broadband which means that those properties that are served by it can sign up to a BT Infinity package if they choose to. See the image at the bottom of this page to see which areas of the village are served by which cabinets.

Wednesday 15th September 2010 - Iwade runner up award

Kent Village of the Year awarded Iwade joint Runner Up in the Social and Community category for their Broadband project. Well done to everyone involved from the Broadband Committee themselves, to KCC, the Parish Council and all the residents who have backed the project.

Thursday 8th July 2010 - Half page spread in the Telegraph

Iwade's Broadband endeavours earned it a half page spread in the Telegraph on this day. Read all about it! A live interview with BBC Radio Kent followed on Friday 9th July and a whole host of write-ups on technology websites. Try searching on Iwade broadband and see what you get...

Wednesday 30th June 2010 - Contract launch in Woolpack

Openreach host a contract launch for those involved in the broadband project and some residents. An Openreach photographer takes photos in the street outside the Woolpack and down by the cabinet opposite the Village Centre. An engineer talks us through the workings of a fibre cabinet. Exciting stuff!

Friday 25th June 2010 - Openreach film in Iwade

Nicola McKenzie and Hannah Williams from Ickle Pickles were filmed in Iwade as part of a PR exercise by Openreach to encourage other communities to seek gap funding. In Iwade 3 of the cabinets were paid for by Openreach (or will be) and 1 by the KCC grant as it was not commercially viable. Ickle Pickles were a good example of a company locally that would benefit as they have a NurseryCam for parents.

Tuesday 9th February - Broadband Committee presents!

This day saw Conrad Veness of Iwade Broadband Committee present our final proposal to Iwade Parish Council. Whilst VFast had been contenders they had unfortunately quoted exclusive of VAT which took their quote over-budget. The unanimous Committee decision confirmed by an internet straw poll was to go with Openreach which would ultimately allow other Internet Providers to come on-board and create competition in the market driving prices down. The Committee proposed that part of the grant money be used to subsidise installation fees for residents up to 75 including VAT. The proposal was agreed and seconded.

Tuesday 13th January 2010 - Offer received from Openreach

At long last. Sittingbourne exchange has been announced in Openreach's rollout so the formal offer that the Broadband Committee were hoping for is now theirs. Slowly but surely!

Tuesday 24th November 2009 - Broadband Presentations

On this day the Iwade W.I. served the tea (and Foxes Favourites!) whilst the shortlisted three suppliers presented their respective cases to the Broadband Committee and a good turnout of residents. Wireless Network(s) Solutions (WNS) were up first followed by VFast and Openreach. WNS did not make the grade and Openreach were not ready with an offer yet. Would the Committee hold out for Openreach or go for a Wifi solution with VFast? Openreach said that an offer would be made once Sittingbourne Exchange was announced in their rollout. VFast did not have a formal presentation but here is Openreach's offering.

July 2009 - Broadband Survey and advert for tenders

Whilst KCC were advertising for suppliers to come forward with proposals for Iwade, the Broadband Committee got busy issuing a Broadband Survey to make sure they knew what residents wanted. With prizes to encourage entries, the survey was printed in both the newsletter and in an online version. Read the results of the survey here thanks to Steve Harris of the Broadband Committee.

Tuesday 14th April 2009

With a heads-up from County Councillor Roger Truelove that grants were available from KCC for not-spots of which Iwade was considered to be one, display of community interest was key. On this day Iwade Village Hall saw 106 (according to a source!) residents turn out to show KCC they meant it! A massive turnout according to KCC and Iwade was immediately earmarked for an 'up to 50K' grant from KCC. Volunteers were signed up that evening to an Iwade Broadband Committee to run the project.

Friday 16th January 2009 - Openreach visit Iwade

Following a meeting between Nicola McKenzie, MP Derek Wyatt and then County Councillor Roger Truelove, a house meeting was arranged in Iwade to chat to Openreach about their plans to run fibre out to Iwade. The answer was basically no as the capital investment was not available. Derek Wyatt promised to raise the debate in the Commons and write to BT's new CEO and Ed Richards CEO of Ofcom.

Tuesday 3rd January 2006 - Iwade Broadband Review published

Complete with facts, links and probably most importantly residents' feedback, the Iwade Broadband Review showed that residents were dissatisfied with the service available in Iwade down a copper wire.

Iwade Properties by Serving Cabinets

Location of Broadband Cabinets in Iwade and properties served...


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