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The Great Iwade Bake Off Sale 2014 for Sport Relief

Saturday 7th June 2014 2pm to 4pm
All Saints Church Iwade

So this year at The Great Iwade Bake Off Sale you can expect as much baking fun as last year but with a few tweaks. All Saints Church Iwade have kindly offered themselves up as a venue and the Bake Off Sale will be on Saturday 7th June 2014 from 2pm to 4pm. Here's what we have in store for you...

Grand Bake Auction at 3pm

This year we thought we'd try a Bake Auction for the large bakes. Iwade W.I.'s Glenn Walters has kindly agreed to be auctioneer and auction items will be available to view from 2-3pm with the auction starting at 3pm. A prize will go to the bake that raises the most money in the auction.

Bake Off Competition

The idea of the Bake Off Competition is to judge amateur bakers whilst raising money for charity at the same time by selling the bakes! So small bakes (e.g. cupcakes, cookies, mini quiches ... savoury or sweet, whatever you fancy baking) will be entered into the competition with 1 bake being set aside for judging and the rest going into the Bake Sale. If you want a larger bake to be judged on taste let us know when you deliver it and we will cut a piece for judging and the remainder will go in the 'Take a Pew' area and sold with teas and coffees! Otherwise your larger bake will go in the Bake Auction with a prize for the bake that raises the highest bid.

You can deliver your bake to 30 Mansfield Drive Iwade ME9 8TW on the morning of the Bake Sale before 12 or to All Saints Church Iwade (opposite the Woolpack) between 12 and 2. We will of course accept any baking after 2, your baking will not be turned away!

Competition winners will be announced at 3.45pm along with the raffle winners.

Take a Pew!

The area on the right as you go into church will be the Take a Pew area with Doreen and Christine from the Iwade W.I. kindly making the teas and coffees (and soft drinks for the children) for the second year running so thank you.

This year there will be cakes and biscuits readily available in the Take a Pew area to have with your tea or coffee. Mmmmmmmm tea and cake!

Bake Sale

If last year is anything to go by there will be plenty of bakes to buy on the day to take home, savoury and sweet including cakes, biscuits, speciality breads, mini quiches ...come and see for yourself!

Guess the Weight of the Bake

You can Guess the Weight of the Bake on the day with the cake being made by Star Baker Claire Saunders for the second year running. Claire has had to bake twice this week as a power cut caused the first cake to sink! A big thank you to Claire for baking twice, Claire will be awarded a prize on the day for endurance! She used 7 eggs by the way if you want a fact to help you guess the weight!

Something for the Children

There's lots for the children on the day but also children are welcome to enter a bake into the competition or bake for the Bake Sale for fun. We like to encourage baking and children love to bake. See Bake Off Competition above for practicalities around delivering the baking. Thank you!

Decorate a Gingerbread Man ... The politically correct and actual title is 'Decorate a Ginger/Short-Bread Person' but it doesn't trip off the tongue! There will be gingerbread and shortbread as my market research told me not everyone likes gingerbread and we aim to please! And there will be men and women!

Saltdough Modelling ... Bear with us on this one and perhaps don't dress your little ones in their Sunday best! We will do our best to provide cover up clothes/aprons but this will depend on the number of children partaking! You can take their models home or they can just have fun on the day, it's entirely up to you!

Cupcake Face Painting ... We are hoping that our more mature young helpers will be doing cupcake motif face painting. Fingers crossed!

Kitchen and Baking Toys to buy ... On our second-hand stall we will be selling second-hand baking and kitchen toys, think pretend food, tea sets ...


A big thank you to all the donations to the raffle. So far we have ...

  • Click Create Photo Shoot Voucher
  • Box of cupcakes from Jesson Cupcakes - mmmmm
  • Box of cupcakes from Exquisite Vintage Teas - also mmmmm
  • Hotel Chocolat chocolates
  • Free MOT at Iwade Garage
  • Free Shellac at Heaven Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Free Family ticket to Iwade Rock
  • 2 Guest Passes to Reynolds Gym and Pool
  • Ickle Pickles donation from Hannah Williams
  • Large Cake Bake(s)

Raffle winners will be announced at 3.45pm along with competition winners.

Second Hand Baking Stall

The second hand baking stall will be primarily books, cook books and baking books but will also have some kitchen and baking toys for the children to buy with their pennies.

Hope to see you there!

We hope that this selection will tempt you to church on Saturday afternoon come rain or shine. There will be a gazebo outside and the rest will be in church so sun or rain it will be a lovely afternoon. Why not bring a picnic blanket and have tea and cake outside if it's sunny? Or Take a Pew if it's not!

Whether you are planning to bake or just want to come along you will be most welcome and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday 7th June (at 2 if you want to get the best cakes or see what you can bid for in the auction!).

Extra Thank Yous

Last but not least some thank yous to those who have helped but have not yet had a mention...

  • Iwade's Marc Wilson who has offered to video the event.
  • Featherbed Farm who donated a tray of eggs for the bakers amongst you.
  • Iwade's own Click Create who again did the graphic design for the flyers.
  • Iwade's Jacqueline Allcock who is designing a bespoke balloon arch for the Bake Sale, check it out at the gates of church on Saturday. You can find Jacqui in her new shop at Potty Potters Garden Centre on the Isle of Sheppey, Halfway Road, Sheerness ME12 3AA. Or you can contact Jacqui on 07590 492626.
  • Love That Canvas who created the banner last year from Click Create's artwork and have this year printed the date and time label for us.
  • Lolly Paine who has only lived in Iwade for 7 months and baked and iced a rich fruit cake for the event. Thank you Lolly!
  • Those people who are baking for the event, too many to mention. Thank you! Without you it wouldn't be an event!
  • Those of you I have enlisted help from both before and on the day, again too many to mention!
  • Those of you who have donated books, scales or indeed Hotel Chocolat chocolates!

The Great Iwade Bake Off Sale 2013 for Comic Relief!

So it all started with Comic Relief does Bake Off with the lovely Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and Mel Mad Surname on the telly and here we are with Iwade having raised over £500 for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day and donating £25 to church!

How did it all happen?

Not without a lot of contribution and cooperation from a lot of people not to mention businesses who gave up their time, materials and money for Comic Relief.

Let's start at the beginning.

Iwade does Facebook (always part of any community initiative if we're honest!) concluded that a joined up community Bake Sale was the way to go. Before we could really get going with any planning we needed a venue though. The date was set at Saturday 9th March 2013, the Saturday before Comic Relief Day, in the afternoon to allow people time to bake in the morning and not on the Sunday soas not to interfere with Iwade Market trading, which is going from strength to strength thanks to Steve Theobald and the Market Traders.

I approached All Saint's Church Iwade who went out of their way to make it happen so a big thank you to everyone at church for embracing the community and asking for nothing in return. After committing to using the church and being quite excited about holding an event in such an historical building I was also approached by Iwade Village Hall who tried to find a slot for us. Unfortunately the Saturday afternoon was my preference to allow people time to bake that day and get organised and there was a children's party on then. Thank you to Iwade Village Hall for also offering us a venue free of charge though, we'll bear that in mind for the future!

Now to enlist some organisers, beware of ever expressing an interest in an idea on facebook if you don't want to be enlisted! Tina Appleton, Tanya Marsh and Jo Trust had done just that and such was their fate. Tina insists that she was devastated to have to work on the day but Tanya and Jo had no such luck! Not even Mother's Day could be used as an excuse as it was on the Saturday. I have to say they embraced the run up to the event with gusto making bunting and place cards, shopping for materials etc and patiently listened to me saying on repeat, "I've had an idea"! They were fantastic on the day too as star Bake Sellers and I think we were all still talking by the end!

More Comic Relief Bake Off Thank Yous...

To everyone who baked...

Whilst we cannot individually thank those that baked because we would be sure to miss someone we were overwhelmed by the number of people who baked on the day and to such an amazing standard so a massive Comic Relief thank you as without those people we wouldn't have had a Bake Sale!

For the banner...

Thank you to Iwade's John and Tina Appleton at Love that Canvas for offering to produce a banner and doing just that.

For the graphic design...

Thank you to Iwade's Jemma Rannard from Click:Create Graphic Design for designing a logo, a banner and a flyer, the flyer turned around in record time to get it delivered with the Iwade Observer delivery in time for Friday book bags!

For the printing...

Thank you to Swale Borough Communications Team who turned around 1000 flyers for Comic Relief in less than half a day. You can telephone the printing team on 01795 417149 for a quote, I can recommend!

For the raffle donations

Thank you to Beverley from Addicted to Cupcakes for her cupcakes contribution to the raffle despite cooking for the Iwade Market and having a High Tea Service on the Saturday afternoon (I can personally recommend Beverley's High Teas as I was privileged enough to trial an Amethyst High Tea which was amazing).

Thank you to Emma Andrews from Jesson Cupcakes for her cupcakes contribution to the raffle. Emma's Iwade Bake Off cupcakes were amazing!

Thank you to Iwade Pharmacy for their donation of a basket of goodies for the raffle.

For the photographs...

Thank you to Dave Rannard from Click:Create Photography for giving up his time on the day to come and take some amazing photographs! Click:Create do excellent value photo shoots on location so why not give them a call...

For the teas...

A big thank you to Doreen and Christine from Iwade W.I. for doing the teas and making teas for the helpers.

For the gazebos...

Thank you to "Jo's Mum" for the red gazebo and to the Marshes for bringing their gazebo along too.

For helping...

Thank you to gazebo maestros and willing helpers Gavin Marsh and Mark Trust who were like a well-oiled gazebo team getting them down in record time after the event in time for the 5pm baptism!

Thank you to Linda Irving who helped on the day, aka Gavin Marsh's mum! Linda says she had a lovely time so we'll be enlisting her next time, it's a dangerous thing to say!

Thank you to Kate Trust, Ellie Marsh, Alice McKenzie, Tom Trust, Tom Marsh and Emma McKenzie for helping on the day in particular for the fantastic Decorate a Red Nose Cupcake Stall and the Colouring area.

Thank you to Jamie Hilton Lavender who was a great help clearing up at the end.

For the pasting tables...

Thank you to everyone who entrusted the Bake Off Sale with their pasting tables, we hope they have survived the day!

For the bread...

Thank you to Matt Bourne, artisan baker extraordinaire from Fire and Flour who baked blooming amazing Bloomers and Cinnamon and Fruit Loaves for the savoury stall and helped on the day. You can follow Matt on twitter at @fireandflour.

For being the most enthusiastic customer...

This thank you is for Keith Reynolds from the Kulpritts (are you going to Iwade Rock 2013?!) who went down in Bake Off history as the most enthusiastic customer both before and on the day, not eating for a week in advance so he could enjoy all the bakes on the day! See you next year Keith!

For the Guess the Weight of the Bake...

Thank you to Claire Saunders who baked a fantastic Guess the Weight of the Bake which raised lots of money and manned her stall along with her family Chris, Emma and Tom and her mum who baked a lovely Victoria Sponge which went in the raffle and by all accounts was delicious!

Bake Off Competition

Thank you to the Iwade W.I. President Val Pugh and Emma Andrews from Jesson Cupcakes for agreeing to judge the Bake Off Competition. Val and Emma made a great team. Entries were judged on Taste, Appearance and Creativity! Would you make a £10 donation to be a Judge? Food for thought (quite literally!)...

Thank you to Bake Off male winner Neil McKenzie for baking for Kent in the savoury department and helping on the day including his winning Chicken, Apricot and Bacon pie which I can also personally recommend! Neil won a Paul Hollywood wooden spoon! Keep the spoon for next year's winner Neil!

Well done to Bake Off children's winner Tom Saunders for his caramel cupcakes. He won a baking kit. You can keep that Tom, no need to pass on!

Well done to Alison Clayton Bake Off female winner for her lemon cupcakes. She wins a Mary Berry wooden spoon! Keep it for the year Alison and you can pass the spoon to next year's winner! I promise to get that to you soon!

Bake Off Raffle Winners

Raffle winners were Tina Appleton's Mum (apologies for not knowing your real name if you are reading this!) who won the bottle of prosecco, Summer Jansen who won the basket of goodies, Pat Spicer who won the chocolate cake, Emma Ansley who won the Victoria Sponge, Keith Reynolds who won the Jesson Cupcakes and Sandra Wilkinson who won the Addicted to Cupcakes.

More than just a Bake Sale

The Bake Off Sale was more than just a Bake Sale. Think Bake Fete with a brilliant sense of community with everyone pulling together.

The day ended with a quick drink in the Woolpack for those left standing after the clearing up. Thanks to Jo Trust and family for being in charge of the monies. £525.34 after float was accounted for which I'm sure you'll agree is an amazing haul so a massive thank you to everyone that contributed either before or on the day whether it was helping, baking or buying! So in the end we managed over £500 (£500.34!) to Comic Relief and a £25 donation to Iwade Church.

See you all next year, let's get a date in the diary! The feedback has been amazing AND we raised over £500 for Comic Relief!

Photographs courtesy of David Rannard at Click:Create Photography who gave up his time on the day to photograph the event for charity.

The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography The Great Iwade Bake Off by Click:Create Photography
The Great Iwade Bake Off Sale for Comic Relief Banner by Click:Create Graphic Design